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Our Happy Customers

Full bellies and happy taste buds can’t speak for themselves! We’ll leave that to our
satisfied customerswho discovered the magic of Bagel World, and couldn’t contain
their excitement!

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Davey B
“No change just the same as I remember great food!”
It has been many years since I was back here. I love the twisters and I am glad they have not changed the recipe. Parking can be a challenge but it is well worth it
Jason L
“Best Bagel Joint On The Planet. Forget about Montreal Bagels.”
Been going to the Wilson location for decades. Best bagels on the planet. Service and staff are second to none. Always polite and friendly. Food is always fresh. Diner-style. Missing the jukeboxes in the booths though 🙂
“Great bagels, and a fantastic place to gather comedy material.”
I love their bagels, I think they're the best in Toronto. Equally important, I enjoy eavesdropping, and people watching.Their flat bagels are delicious, breakfast specials before 11, and our standard bagel and lox platter with monster twisters are well worth The investment.
“Mmmmm mmmmm good!”
Had a terrific time with my family earlier in the week. Amazing bagels, food & service. Deli style restaurant...fantastic for brunch. Will definitely go back soon!
“Bagel World is than great food, it's a great experience too.”
My family went for Sunday brunch to Bagel World which is claimed to have the best bagels in Toronto. Wow, what an amazing experience! The restaurant was jam packed and buzzing, but after lining up, we were seated fairly quickly. Because we'd never been there, we ordered what our server...
“Being a regular means you're part of the Bagel World Family!”
How can you go wrong with a hot toasty jumbo tester bagel and cream cheese? Of course the Omlettes are always fresh and tasty here, but today I had poached eggs to keep it simple.
Jay F
“Love the Bagels!”
I take the family to brunch at least once a month and we always end up at Bagel World. Now that there is a BW at Major Mac and Dufferin, we will be there more.Great service, great owners, great food. Cant ask for more!
Jason L
“Best Bagels Ever”
From now on, all bagels (except my own homemade ones) will suffer to meet this standard. Simple perfection. Lox, bagel, cream cheese, onion. The freshest lox, a mound of whipped cream cheese, and slices of succulent red onion. We look forward to going again.
“A Toronto Institution!”
Love this place! Everything about it.Use to live near by but now only visit once in a while. By far Toronto’s best bagels hands down!I usually pick up a couple dozen bagels when I’m in the area which is once or twice a year. One more reason to drive into Toronto.
Ramil G.
Brampton, ON
“Best bagels in Toronto, especially when they're fresh out the oven.”

Customer service is great, fast, and consistent. I realize on holidays & weekend mornings are really busy. Never got the chance to dine-in though due to Covid but I would definitely line up for some bagels and coffee. There's more options then bagels obviously, it's a breakfast place. I recommend this place for breakfast & lunch.

Adam M.
Toronto, ON
“5 star with great coffee and extremely fresh ingredients!”

If you're looking for a Jewish style diner with great food, this place is worth a try. I ordered the bagel, lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese platter, I can say this place is a 5 star with great coffee and extremely fresh ingredients!

Michael B.
Thornhill, ON
“Best Bagels in Toronto!”
If you've never had a flat bagel before, it is one of the greatest meal items you can ask for. The icing on the cake is that they offer a multigrain or whole wheat flat bagel option, which fits perfectly into my diet. Also the eggs and onions there are just to die for. Our service was great, and surprisingly for a breakfast restaurant the coffee was delicious as well. You definitely can't go wrong with a bagel world breakfast!
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